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Benefits of Summer Swim Lessons

Summer is fast approaching, so it’s time to enroll your child in our summer swim lessons! Summer is a great time to start your child’s swimming lessons. It’s an excellent way for your child to learn an essential skill while staying cool in Tennessee’s summer heat. Benefits of swimming lessons include:

Learning Water Safety Skills

Summer is the season when children are around water the most. They must have basic water safety skills, including safety in and around the water, knowing how to float, and being able to get to the side of a pool or shore safely.

Gaining an Extra Boost of Confidence

Learning a new skill, such as swimming, boosts children’s confidence. Setting goals with their instructor and accomplishing them over time gives children of all ages and skill levels much to be proud of themselves for. While summer is a time for children to take a break from classroom education, their learning doesn’t have to stop! Swimming is an excellent way for children to incorporate learning with play.

Continuing Social Skills Outside of School

Summer swim programs allow children to continue fostering social skills with their peers during the summer when this opportunity is lessened from school being out of session. In our small group sessions, we see children bond and interact with their peers positively, facilitating friendships in and out of the pool. Moreover, the interaction between children and their summer swim instructors promotes communication skills, following directions, and asking questions.

Why Swim & Play?

Our team of swim instructors has taken summer swimming lessons in Nashville, TN, a step further. Our small group lessons for kids teach and encourage independence and confidence. We match your child to one of our instructors based on your child’s personality and comfort level in the water. Striking an essential balance between playfulness and practice, your child’s instructor will guide them through new experiences, helping to create a confidence that will stay with your child both in and out of the water.

Swim & Play emphasizes gentle and patient encouragement, allowing children to progress at their level of readiness through individualized and small group lessons. Moreover, our instructors meet your child at exactly their comfort level. With personalized attention and focus, even reluctant beginner swimmers will enjoy significant progress as the learning process unfolds naturally.

At Swim & Play, we create confident, enthusiastic children and swimmers. Undoubtedly, we have seen children grow and succeed, bringing skills they have learned in the pool to other areas of their lives.

Diving Deeper

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A Swim & Play’s we offer two indoor locations designed for optimal learning experiences. From the vibrant heart of downtown to the accessibility of the airport area, we bring the joy of swimming to you. Find us at Hyatt Place Nashville Downtown on 3rd Ave S and Sonesta Select Hotel on Airport Center Dr.