Celebrating 20 Years of Exceptional Swim Instruction

Swim & Play

Confidence . Independence . Growth

Discover Swim & Play:

  • Customized swim lessons with free trial lessons
  • Private, semi-private, and small group lessons for children and adults (ages 6 months and up)
  • Matching instructors to your child based on their personality and comfort level in the water
  • Instructors meet children at their comfort level, gain their trust, and create a bond for overall growth
  • Personalized attention and focus for significant progress
  • Striking a balance between playfulness and practice
  • Building confidence both in and out of the water
  • Assertive instruction for children to progress at their own readiness
  • Creating confident and enthusiastic children and swimmers
  • Skills learned in the pool benefiting other areas of their lives

Individualized Learning Experience

We prioritize an assertive, but gentle approach, allowing children to progress at their own readiness

Our instructors match your child to a learning experience based on their personality and comfort level in the water. Striking a balance between playfulness and practice, we guide your child through new experiences, fostering confidence both in and out of the water.

“At Swim & Play, we create confident and enthusiastic children and swimmers. Witness the transformative impact as your child applies skills learned in the pool to other areas of their lives.”

Flexible Locations Near You

Discover Our Convenient Locations

At Swim & Play, we offer two indoor locations designed for optimal learning experiences. From the vibrant heart of downtown to the accessibility of the airport area, we bring the joy of swimming to you. Find us at Hyatt Place Nashville Downtown on 3rd Ave S and Sonesta Select Hotel on Airport Center Dr.

Downtown Location

  • Destination: Hyatt Place Nashville Downtown
  • Address: 301 3rd Ave S, Nashville, TN 37201
  • Service Areas: East Nashville, Germantown, 12 South, Downtown, Donelson, Hermitage, Franklin, La Vergne, Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, Belle Meade, West Meade, Joelton, Millersville, Belmont, Pasquo, Nolensville, Madison, Whites Bend, Hendersonville, Goodlettsville, Whites Creek, Green Hills, & Brentwood.

Airport Location

  • Destination: Sonesta Select Hotel
  • Address: 1100 Airport Center Dr, Nashville, TN 37214
  • Service Areas: Airport, Donelson, Hermitage, Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, Madison, Hendersonville, Goodlettsville, Whites Creek, and surrounding areas.
Dive Deeper with Swim & Play

A Splash of Learning and Fun!

Immerse yourself in our philosophy, witness the joy of experiential play programming, and discover how we create a unique and transformative swimming experience for learners of all ages. Dive into a world where learning to swim becomes a journey of confidence, skill, and joy!

Benefits of Our Swim Lessons

Experience confidence and safety with Swim & Play Nashville’s swim lessons. Beyond water safety, we build strong swimmers, fostering fitness, coordination, and cognitive skills. Join us in creating a foundation for a healthy life in and out of the water. Make a splash with success!

  • Water Safety: Swim lessons prioritize safety, crucial in preventing drowning— a leading cause of children’s deaths.
  • Supportive Environment: Safe and supportive surroundings for children to acquire vital water safety skills.
  • Fitness Outlet: A fun fitness outlet, enhancing overall physical well-being for children.
  • Coordination: Improved coordination through various swim techniques.
  • Motor Skills: Positive impact on motor skills, fostering better control and coordination.
  • Strength and Stamina: Develops strength and stamina, promoting overall fitness.
  • Confidence Building: Actively focuses on building confidence, especially for water-fearing children.
  • Spatial Awareness: Enhances spatial awareness through learning different strokes.
  • Memorization: Contributes to improved memorization skills, promoting cognitive development.

Capturing Moments of Progress

Witness the dedication and enthusiasm our team brings to each lesson – and the smiles that result! These snapshots encapsulate the joy of learning and the bond formed in our aquatic journey.

“At Swim and Play Nashville, we recognize the significance of water safety in a world dominated by water. With approximately 70 percent of the world covered in water, we prioritize teaching not just safety but instilling a love for water that extends to various aspects of life. Our swim lessons go beyond physical strengthening; they nurture mental faculties such as better memorization and spatial awareness. Moreover, the values of self-confidence and determination are instilled, setting the stage for a healthy lifestyle in and out of the water.”

aquatic aba

Aquatic ABA &Adaptive Therapy

Swim & Play Nashville is excited to announce our partnership with Peace by Piece to bring you Aquatic ABA & Adaptive Therapy! This unique program blends the expertise of RBT-certified clinicians with the skills of our experienced instructors. Personalized therapy sessions will be available Sunday through Thursday.

Did you Know?

Did you know that teaching children basic swimming skills significantly reduces their risk of water-related accidents? At Swim & Play, we focus on essential skills such as:


Foundational Water Safety and Confidence Skills

Reduce the risk of water-related accidents by teaching children essential skills such as floating, treading water, and continuous swimming. At Swim & Play, we prioritize these foundational skills for confident swimming.


Comfortable Water Entry and Resurfacing Mastery

Foster water safety and confidence by focusing on comfortable water entry, quick resurfacing, and jumping into deep water with ease. Swim & Play emphasizes these skills for a positive and secure water experience.


Safe Pool Exit Techniques and Awareness

Enhance water safety awareness through teaching safe pool exit techniques, including exiting without a ladder. Swim & Play emphasizes these skills to foster independence in aquatic environments.


Endurance and Confident Pool Navigation

Build endurance and confidence in pool navigation by teaching continuous swimming from one end to another. Swim & Play focuses on these foundational skills for developing a proficient and self-assured swimmer.