FAQ Central: Your Quick Guide to Answers

Explore our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to find quick and informative solutions to common questions. From swimming techniques to safety measures, we’ve got you covered.

Please visit our booking website, https://app.iclasspro.com/portal/swimandplay to register for classes. All registrations are online only and start immediately upon enrollment. If you need additional assistance, please call or text 615-240-1867.

It depends on the child. In general, private lessons are for children who require a calm environment (little distraction). Semi-private lessons are for children with similar skills and would benefit from the camaraderie of a sibling or close friend. Group lessons are for everyone and we recommend progressing towards them once your child acclimates to their instructor and the water. 

Swimming like most sports and/or hobbies involves muscle memory. We recommend consistently continuing lessons until your child has passed our Intermediate Level lessons to ensure your child does not regress, when possible. Our program offers flexible lessons once per week to fit a dynamic family schedule. 

Goggles, swimsuit and a towel. 

30 minute lessons is our standard.

Yes! You can use the drop down filter menu on our booking website to narrow down classes that your desired instructor teaches.

If your child’s hair is long enough to obstruct their vision, we recommend a swim cap or hair tie.

Yes! Our flexible scheduling will accommodate your dynamic lifestyle. With a 24-hour notice, you can create a “Future Absence” through your Swim & Play account and you will receive a makeup token to reschedule your class for a different day and time. We offer weekly makeup slots for your convenience. Makeup slots can also be scheduled via your Swim & Play account by clicking “Makeup”.

Makeup tokens can be used as a second class during the week. Simply logon to your Swim & Play account, click “Makeup” and then you can filter your choices by Program (Location), Instructor or Day. If you are enrolled in group lessons you will need to choose another group of the same level. All makeup requests are pending until you receive an email that they are approved. Makeup tokens CANNOT be used in place of tuition payments or to extend lessons past a drop date. All makeup tokens expire on a student’s drop date from the program.

No. Under no circumstances do we offer refunds for any reason.

Swim & Play requires a 30 day notice to cancel lessons/stop payments. Simply submit your cancellation notice 30 days prior to the date of you last lesson. Cancellations can be submitted via your Swim & Play account or via email to Nashville@swim-play.com.

Our swim program is built upon a first come first serve basis. Most of our lessons have swimmers waiting for specific lesson times, thus we have to ensure our clients a reliable window of opportunity to join.

There are no guarantees your instructor or time slot will be available upon his or her return.

No, we require 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your lesson.

No, we do not offer an option to pause your enrollment, stop payments and hold your slot. A student is either enrolled and paying tuition or you can submit your 30 day notice to stop lessons/payments. Your slot will be released for rebooking as soon as your 30 day notice is submitted.

We would love to predict the future, but we can’t! We never quote a family on how long it will take your child to swim because everyone’s expectations and goals are different. Each child is unique and so many factors play into how long it will take them to swim. Children progress at different levels and paces so answering this question would be extremely difficult. We are always happy to talk through your goals though and will guide you on the right path to meet them.

Tuition payments are based upon a 4-week month. If there is a 5th week/lesson in the month, you will be surcharged for the extra lesson. 

Yes! We offer a 10% discount on the third child registered.

Our consecutive weekly lessons are billed monthly. Your credit card will be charged on the 1st of each month for the number of classes in the month. Our standard monthly rate includes 4- 30 minute lessons, but if there are 5 weeks/lessons during the month, your tuition will be higher for that month. 

Swim & Play emphasizes gentle and patient encouragement, allowing children to progress at their level of readiness through individualized and small group lessons. Moreover, our instructors meet your child at exactly his or her comfort level. With personalized attention and focus, even reluctant children will enjoy significant progress as the learning process unfolds naturally. Our students are sure to gain confidence, independence and growth in and out of the water.