Beginner to Advanced Swim Lessons!

Welcome to Swim & Play’s comprehensive swim lesson program! Whether your child is dipping their toes for the first time or aiming for competitive swimming, our expertly crafted lessons cater to every skill level. Explore the three main categories below to find the perfect fit for your little swimmer’s journey.

Getting Started

Parent/Toddler Swim

Instill the love of swimming from an early age and enjoy the experience together!

Parent/Toddler Swim Lessons

  • Objective: Acclimate children to water in a safe and FUN way.
  • Prerequisites: No previous water skills needed.
  • Focus: Water introduction, back floats, kicks, gentle glides (passing), splashes, bubbles, hold breath while underwater, submerging, introduction to googles, walking and safe pool entry/exit.
  • Emphasis: Building trust and a positive association with water and instructor(s).
Moving Up

Beginner Swim Lessons

Our beginner swim lessons are crafted for those new to swimming or with minimal water experience. These foundational levels focus on breathing, floating, and gliding, essential for water safety.

Beginner Level 1 Lessons

  • Objective: Acclimate children to water in a safe and FUN way, while instilling confidence in and around water.
  • Prerequisites: No previous water skills needed.
  • Focus: The basics: Learning to blow bubbles, hold breath, introduction to buoyancy and gliding, and safety in and around the water.
  • Emphasis: Building trust and a positive association with water.

Beginner Level 2 Lessons

  • Objective: Reinforce and build onto Level 1 skills, while maintaining consistent growth in aquatic skills.
  • Prerequisites: Streamline glide with kicks, front glide for 5-10 feet, unassisted item(s) retrieval from the bottom of the stairs, and pool safety.
  • Focus: Rotary movements (freestyle/ backstroke), proper kicking while maintaining focus on comfortability, confidence and independence in the water.
  • Emphasis: Learning basic lifesaving instincts and skills.

Beginner Level 3 Lessons

  • Objective: Prepare for intermediate level lessons, while instilling our core values: confidence, growth, and independence through experiential play.
  • Prerequisites: Backstroke width of pool, jump into water and resurface without goggles, freestyle length of pool, and jump into deep water with float recovery for 10 seconds.
  • Focus: Understanding efficient swimming techniques in basic strokes: Freestyle and backstroke.
  • Emphasis: Endurance needed to safely swim for longer periods of time.
Diving Deeper

Intermediate Swim Lessons

Intermediate lessons enhance water efficiency and build on the comfort gained in beginner levels. Skills include side breathing, treading water, and a deeper understanding of endurance.

Intermediate Level Lessons

  • Objective: Prepare swimmers for independent swimming in multiple aquatic settings.
  • Prerequisites: Retrieve submerged object from 5 feet deep, tread water for 30 seconds, and swim freestyle 2 lengths uninterrupted with side breathing.
  • Focus: Maintain endurance to swim, while also keeping composure in stressful aquatic environments. Introduction to technique.
  • Emphasis: Proficient knowledge of Freestyle, Backstroke, and Breaststroke.
intermediate swim lessons
Unlock Your Full Power

Advanced Swim Lessons

For swimmers ages 5+ proficient in basic front and back strokes. Advance swim lessons focus on advanced swim strokes, building endurance, and preparing for competitive swimming.

Advanced Level Lessons

  • Objective: Prepare swimmers for a swim team or persons wanting to further their knowledge of swimming technique, hydrodynamics, and endurance.
  • Prerequisites: Breaststroke length of pool, swim freestyle across length of the pool and retrieve item(s) from 5 feet uninterrupted. Swim 2-3 lengths uninterrupted.
  • Focus: For swimmers who want a deeper understanding of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.
  • Emphasis: Preparing the swimmer for a lifelong pursuit of swimming competitively and/or leisurely.