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Our beginner swim lessons are ideal for the introduction of basic skills necessary for swimming and aquatic safety.

Beginner Level 1 Lessons

Objective: Acclimate children to water in a safe and FUN way.

Activities: Enter/exiting the pool safely, blowing bubbles, bobbing, kicking, gliding.

Emphasis: Building trust and making lessons enjoyable.

Prerequisites: No previous water skills needed. Suitable for (Ages 3-5).

Beginner Level 2 Lessons

Objective: Build onto Level 1 skills.

Skills Needed: Entering/exiting the pool safely, floating, submerging, blowing bubbles.

Introduces: Front crawl, backstroke, independent floating.

Beginner Level 3 Lessons

Objective: Prepare for intermediate lessons.

Skills Needed: Swim width of the pool in freestyle and backstroke, kick length without stopping.

Focus: Breathing to the side, building consistency in freestyle and backstroke.

Swim Lessons for Beginners

Our beginner swim lessons teach children breathing, floating, and gliding. Floating is essential for children to learn as a water safety skill. For many, floating on the water’s surface does not come naturally. Your child will learn buoyancy in the water with manual support and guidance from our experienced instructors. Once a child can float, it’s time to teach them to glide. We start by teaching them how to push and glide from the poolside so they can cut through the water. Gliding gives them the starting point for learning basic strokes. By the end of beginner swim lessons, your child will learn how their body behaves in water. They will feel safe and more confident around water and have the basic skills and knowledge to take their swimming further.

Benefits of Beginner Swim Lessons

The number one benefit of starting swim lessons is water safety. Drowning is, unfortunately, a high cause of death involving children. Swimming lessons teach children water safety skills in a supportive and safe environment. Moreover, swimming lessons are a great fitness outlet for children. Swimming lessons offer the benefits of coordination, motor skills, strength, and stamina. Children also learn confidence. Many young children fear the water, but before they know it, they will easily overcome this fear. Interestingly, a lesser-known benefit is that swimming lessons offer better spatial awareness and memorization. These benefits come from learning various strokes, strengthening memory and learning.

How to Register

Beginner swim lessons are an excellent way for children to learn valuable skills they’ll be able to use for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, beginner swim lessons keep children safe in aquatic environments. Compared to adults, children have an easier time learning how to swim. Therefore, the earlier you sign your child up for lessons, the better!

Swim & Play accepts enrollments on a perpetual, month-to-month basis. Our class times accommodate busy schedules like yours! If your schedule changes, let us know, and we can find a new day and time that’s most convenient for you without wasting your time and money. Furthermore, your child can stay on track with no interruptions to their development.

In addition to convenient scheduling, Swim & Play offers a simple monthly payment plan rather than grouping the costs of your lessons into one hefty fee for you to pay in advance. This benefit allows you to take a break if it ever becomes necessary. First, submit a short withdrawal form 30 days before your final lesson. Then, let us know when you’re ready to re-enroll, and we’ll work with you to find an available lesson time that fits your schedule. There is a two-month minimum (8 lessons) for enrollment. Furthermore, please complete all makeups before your anticipated drop date. Contact us today to learn more!

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A Swim & Play’s we offer two indoor locations designed for optimal learning experiences. From the vibrant heart of downtown to the accessibility of the airport area, we bring the joy of swimming to you. Find us at Hyatt Place Nashville Downtown on 3rd Ave S and Sonesta Select Hotel on Airport Center Dr.