youth swimming lessons

Youth Swimming Lessons in 2023

Youth swimming lessons are an excellent way for your child to meet your family’s health goals for the new year! Swimming is a cardiovascular workout and a whole-body strength-building workout. Moreover, swimming is a low-impact workout, meaning children can exercise longer in the water without damaging bones and joints. Both result in better stamina and increased energy, extending to other sports and activities. The benefits of enrolling your child in swimming lessons reach far beyond improved physical health. Here are five other reasons to get your child in the water with one of our swimming instructors.

Sharpened Cognitive Function

Children who regularly practice swimming have sharpened visual-motor skills. These skills help a child to coordinate their eyes and hands to draw and write. Swimming leads to children performing better in the classroom.

Improved Social Skills

During our group classes, your child will have plenty of time to interact with peers while also learning how to swim. Furthermore, our instructors pride themselves on making swim lessons as fun as possible for their students. Therefore, playtime is always incorporated. Your child will laugh and splash with their new pals, enhancing their social skills.

Better Sleep

Ever have trouble getting your child to wind down before bed? This struggle is all too common. However, swimming requires your child to exert plenty of energy. On the days your child has swim lessons, you’ll notice they are quicker to relax into their bedtime routine and sleep more soundly.

Confidence Boost

When children learn a new skill and continue to achieve goals in their new skill, they feel great about themselves, as they should! Learning to swim is a significant achievement for any person at any age. Learning how to swim is something that your child should be very proud of. While many children start swimming lessons feeling nervous, we see how confident they quickly become after just a few classes.

Increased Safety

The most crucial reason for your child to enroll in youth swimming lessons is to keep them safe. Our instructors teach the water safety skills your child needs to remain safe around water and in the water.

On behalf of our team here at Swim & Play, we wish you and your family a very happy and healthy new year. We hope to see you in 2023!