Swim & Play

Confidence . Independence . Growth

Ms. Ana, our advanced swim instructor, works on stroke technique with our students. Advance swim lessons focus on learning advanced swim strokes, building more endurance in the water, and preparing for competitive swimming.
It’s never too late to learn how to swim! If you’re looking for adult swim lessons, Swim & Play is the place for you. We have two convenient locations in Nashville and plenty of times that work around busy schedules.
We’re always proud of our younger swimmers trying advanced skills. Rotary breathing takes a lot of practice no matter what age; this student is getting an early start.
The key is to have our students understand all of the working parts of swimming. When they are ready to swim on their own, they will already be well equipped.
Using those “pizza cuts” to get across the pool! Breaststroke arms are the easiest way for students to learn how to get a breath by themselves.
A great survival swimming technique is knowing how to roll over to your back. This skill ensures that if one of our students need to call for help, they can do so while conserving energy at the same time.